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The Frightened Gun (Edge, #32) George G. Gilman

The Frightened Gun (Edge, #32)

George G. Gilman

Published December 1979
ISBN : 9780523405339
140 pages
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 About the Book 

In Virginia City, Edge encounters a nervous magician named Willard, whose magic show attracts his attention. Deciding to stop, Edge gets caught between two drunken cowhands in the middle of a shootout. Edge saves a woman’s life, becomes the town hero and good buddies with Billings, owner of the Four aces.But Edge doesn’t know the history of Billings, an outlaw with a string of henchmen in his service, who killed Willard’s father ten years before. Abbie, Willard’s beautiful young sister, tries to seduce Edge and win him over to her brother’s cause – to wipe out Billings. Indifferent to Abbie and to her brother’s hatred, Edge, nevertheless, is forced to take a stand – and to play his deadly hand.