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Achieving Success: College Student Edition Jay Schein

Achieving Success: College Student Edition

Jay Schein

Published November 27th 2013
ISBN : 9781494317942
46 pages
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 About the Book 

This is the small handbook that every college student should read and the parents of every college student should purchase for them and encourage them to read. Parents of High School Seniors will also want to be sure their student reads this before they leave for college! The Author challenges college students to define what their concept is of success. The book is an encouragement for the student to realize that success begins with ones relationship with God and it is His plan and path for ones life that determines true success within, and not the concept of only the need for material success. Partying, drugs, drinking, sex, all are addressed and how these vices are used against students in preventing their fullest potential, both in college life and in the future life, as God could be guiding and blessing their college years and lifes path. The advice is based on Biblical principles and is an easy-to-read, highly relational and extremely convicting book. The Authors years of experience in counseling and dealing with crisis and addictions provide understandable and relational truths at the forefront of all Biblically-based advice for the student.